The Imposter’s Handbook is now available in print. I purchased the eBook version earlier this year and it’s a well written book that delivers on its purpose. I haven’t finished it all the way through yet, but I will, and it will come in handy in the future as well. I’m thinking of purchasing the softcover edition that just came out so I can have a physical copy at my desk. It’s well worth the $50 if you ask me.

As someone without a formal education who works professionally as a software developer, I can relate to Rob Conery’s experience and I’m so glad he wrote this book. I’m definitely in the target market. But even if you do have a Computer Science or Information Technology (or equivalent) degree, you can still benefit from The Imposter’s Handbook as a refresher on some of the things you learned back in college.

Since many job interviewers seem to place a heavy emphasis on this stuff, it’s great to have a good resource like this if for nothing else than to have a refresher on hand with most of the relevant topics all wrapped up in a single book. When I finish reading the book, I’ll keep referring back to it throughout my career.

NOTE: The “buy” link for the print edition is a little hard to find on the linked page so here it is in case you have trouble finding it.

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