The Mac Still Feels Like Home. Gabe Weatherhead writes about his experiment using an iPad and iPhone (mostly) exclusively for five months:

As the title suggests, the Mac still feels more comfortable for almost everything. The Mac feels less innovative and “fun” but I actually feel more relaxed when using multiple windows, real keyboard shortcuts, and a true file manager. The irony here is that the size and design of the iPad makes it more of a joy to use, but it’s also tainted by inefficiency. I do almost every task faster and more easily with my Mac than I can do it on my iPad Pro.

Five months is definitely enough time to get used to something, so it’s not just a matter of familiarity. As much as Apple doesn’t like to admit it, the Mac is still the best tool for the job for many tasks over an iPad. Of course, this is no surprise to me.

While many things are possible to do on an iPad, like Gabe, I have always found it a lot more tedious unless it was a task more obviously suited to direct manipulation or pure consumption (such as drawing and reading). Compared to macOS, trying to do almost anything else with an iPad feels like digital constipation.

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