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Interesting iPad Infographic on Selling Power. But… who’s that one guy who doesn’t know what the iPad is?

MacBook Pro Specs Leaked … But is it Fake?. Everything about the report and the screenshot of the specs seemed legit, however, one thing I noticed got me hoping that the report is a fake.

According to the screenshot, the MBP 13” screen resolution will remain at 1280x800. Apple has been upping the screen resolution on just about everything (iPhone, iPod touch, MB Airs), so why wouldn’t they with the MBP?

I personally don’t see why they’d up the screen resolution on the 13” MacBook Air but keep the MBP at 1280x800. One of my reasons for a new laptop was a higher screen resolution than the one I’m running now, so I hope this latest report is fake.

All things aside, at least “Thunderbolt” is a cool name for Light Peak :-)

UPDATE: Nope, it’s wasn’t fake. I got the 13” model and like it A LOT. Much better than my last setup… this is going to be great for development. I am disappointed with the screen resolution, but nothing can compare to the resolution of an external monitor anyway.

Shawn Blanc Going Full-Time With Blogging. The writer of one of the better sites in my feed reader, Shawn Blanc, has decided to take the plunge and go full-time with his blogging and is asking his readers for support by becoming a member for $3 a month. As he puts it, “like a good cup of coffee”.

Best of luck Shawn, I’m looking forward to seeing how this decision positively affects the content on your site from here on out. Keep up the great work!

Share Code Easily (TwitPic for Source Code). Inline code blocks can vary from layout to layout, so from now on, I’ll share code snippets on this website using the service.

As the title implies, you can think of it as TwitPic for source code.

Update: @JAWhye brought to my attention that there’s a lot of spam within the existing code posted to the site, so stay away from the search feature.

You’ll be fine if you just use the service to replace blockcode tags and link to the code from your blog posts and articles (as I’ll be doing, unless I find a better alternative).

I was mentioned in a article. As I was going through my feeds, I came across a pleasant surprise:

Jonathan Beebe, a developer who creates games such as Cavern Drake with his wife and publishes them under the name Beebe Games, says he was attracted to Corona because Lua is much less daunting than the pointers that dominate the C syntax.

There’s a little more to the quote, but that’s most of it. The article is about alternatives to the iOS SDK, namely Flash and the Corona SDK.

I keep reading that Macbook Pros might be available as early as this Thursday. Keeping my fingers crossed. My development environment has officially outgrown my white Macbook, though it has held up surprisingly well thus far.

“Acknowledging that you’re stuck is the very first step in getting unstuck…” —Seth Godin

iOS Development & Marketing Checklist. Just discovered this gem from the Mind Juice Media blog, published in January by Ken Carpenter.

The Macalope on Apple’’s Subscriptions. As usual, I agree with the Macalope.

Unicorn Rush (Coming Soon). Upcoming game by Mind Juice Media. I can’t wait for this to come out. I’m a big fan of Robot Unicorn Attack, and this looks like it’s going to be much better (visually anyway, from what I can tell by the screenshots). There’s definitely a lot more to it than RUA (gauntlet mode, mushroom power ups, etc.).

Follow their twitter updates @UnicornRush, and don’t forget to listen to the awesome soundtrack that will accompany the gameplay.