Extending BBEdit with AppleScript

In my previous article where I speculated on when Bare Bones will release BBEdit 12, towards the end of the article I made a statement comparing BBEdit to my other most-used text editor, Sublime Text:

Whenever I switch to Sublime Text, I miss the “look and feel” of BBEdit (which is important, I think, for someone who spends most of their time with a text editor), but when I’m in BBEdit I miss Sublime Text’s editing capabilities.

What I forgot to mention is that BBEdit can be extended to sort of mold it into the text editor you want it to be (to a certain extent, of course). I just haven’t explored that aspect of it just yet—until now, that is.

And when I mentioned missing Sublime’s “editing capabilities”, I’m not talking about some crazy text wizardry that BBEdit happens to not support. I’m talking about some pretty basic things by modern text editing standards:

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jonbeebe.net has a JSON feed now. Despite Hugo not supporting the brand new spec out of the box, it wasn’t very difficult to implement. I much prefer this over the bloated, XML-based RSS spec.

5K Versions of Every Default macOS Wallpaper, by Stephen Hackett.

I was looking for something like this a few months ago but couldn’t find anything. Nice to know that high resolution versions of the old wallpapers now exist.

Setapp Is Really Good

Yesterday, I came across this article on TidBITS: Setapp At 5 Months: 10,000 Users and Better App Discovery.

I remember when Setapp launched, and for some reason, it didn’t really interest me at the time. But this time, social proof got the best of me and I decided to check it out. On their website, I saw that it’s about $10 a month (not bad), with a free trial (nice), and that they had CleanMyMac 3 on their list of software.

I’ve been meaning to purchase CleanMyMac ($40), but I hadn’t got around to it yet. I’ve had the same early-2015 MacBook Pro for a while now, and I knew there was a bunch of crap lingering in the system that needs to be cleaned out. After seeing a couple other interesting apps on their list, I decided I really needed to give the trial a shot. At $10 a month, it seemed like a really great deal.

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Preload Styles and Scripts to Improve Load Times

In a world of heavy websites that take up way too much bandwidth, there has never been a more important time to make sure your website loads as quickly as possible (it also affects SEO and conversion rates). One way to improve your website’s load time is to preload stylesheets and scripts that you don’t absolutely need right away, so that the browser can focus on displaying content to the user as quickly as possible.

If you have a largely content-driven, HTML website, this should be pretty easy. However, if you’re running a single-page web app, it may be a little trickier to know what you can preload and what you’ll need right away—it all depends on the project. Either way, the way to do it will be the same and that’s what I’ll be going over.

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When Will Bare Bones Release a 64-bit BBEdit?

Update November 2017

On October 12, 2017, Bare Bones released BBEdit 12 and I was totally wrong (it's still a 32-bit app). In fact, just about everything in this article ended up being wrong. Oh well, it was a fun to think and write about anyway.

At WWDC 2017, Apple announced that macOS High Sierra (10.13) will be the last macOS to support 32-bit apps “without compromises” (whatever that means). Anyway, for all intents and purposes, it seems that any serious app needs to be 64-bit by the time 10.14 (or 11?) is released in the fall of 2018.

I think it’s safe to say that BBEdit qualifies as a serious application. It’s also just about the last piece of 32-bit software I still use on my Mac.

According to the Bare Bones OS Compatibility page:

32-bit compatibility: Since Apple has explicitly stated that macOS High Sierra will run 32-bit applications, there is no immediate compatibility concern. We do plan to release a 64-bit version of BBEdit, which we expect to have ready well before OS support becomes an issue.

Since Bare Bones is probably one of the most consistent software companies in existence, we can take a look at history to make an educated guess as to when this 64-bit version of BBEdit will be released. Everything that follows is just a fun thought exercise and pure speculation on my part.

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Adding DuckDuckGo Search to Your Website

Since my website is now powered by Hugo, the website just a bunch of static files. While that’s great for speed, one downside of being completely static is that there’s no dynamic searching capabilities built-in (such as with Wordpress).

A popular option is to add a DuckDuckGo search box to your website, which is great because your users get to take advantage of their great searching algorithms to search your website.

The primary downside to this approach, however, is that despite some limited styling options, the search box will likely look out of place on your website. Thankfully, there’s a very simple solution to this problem: create your own search box that directs the user to a DuckDuckGo search page.

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jonbeebe.net was added to the Hugo Showcase this morning. I had to fork their hugoDocs repo, add my site, and then make a pull request on GitHub. I did that really late last night, and my pull request was merged in this morning — that was fast.

jonbeebe.net in July 2017

Migrated From Jekyll To Hugo

A few weeks ago, after experiencing slow compile times with Jekyll and being frustrated with my publishing workflow, I decided to explore other static website generators. That exploration led me to Hugo, which is a little different than most other static site generators in that it is a native application with no dependencies (Hugo is built with Go; Jekyll is a Ruby app).

I ended up porting my entire website to Hugo and I now have an awesome publishing workflow. But before I get into that, let me delve a little deeper into the problems I was having with Jekyll that led me here.

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My resumé is online. Full up-to-date and current. Finally. And although I’m not looking for a new job (I love working at Fingerprint!), I’ve been meaning to update my resumé and get it online for quite a while now.

HostGator $3.96

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