Jonathan Beebe's Portfolio

This is my portfolio of public-facing—shipped—products that I have either personally created or had a significant/leading role in the project.

This page does not include open-source software and other non-public-facing work I have done over the years (libraries and frameworks, etc).

My primary skills include—but are not limited to—JavaScript (ES5/ES6), Node JS, HTML/CSS, Electron, Backbone, Marionette, Underscore, jQuery, React, Vue.js, Phaser JS, Lua, Corona SDK, PHP, and MySQL. For a more formal description of my skills and work history, view my résumé.

Fingerprint Digital, Inc. (2014—)

At Fingerprint, I served as a front-end engineer for various high-profile projects.

Samsung Kids is a parent-controlled children’s mobile game, book, and video platform. I wrote the application framework from scratch (Lithium) and implemented a large portion of the front-end features. This software shipped pre-installed as the default Android launcher for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite children’s tablet (shown below).

Samsung Kids

Cricket Media Mobile Learning Platform was a children’s mobile app platform for iOS and Android. This was my first project at Fingerprint, and I implemented a large portion of the front-end using the Backbone.Marionette web application framework.

Cricket Media

Lanica, Inc. (2012—2014)

Gardens of Time hidden objects game for Android. While at Lanica in 2013, we were contracted by Playdom (a Disney Interactive subsidiary) to develop the Android version of the game and we shipped it that year (it was a from-scratch port of the already-launched iOS version). I was responsible for implementing much of the user interface, level loading, and hidden objects gameplay.

Gardens of Time Android

Fat Red Couch, Inc. (2013—2014)

I was contracted by Fat Red Couch, Inc. to develop and ship five of their titles for iOS and Android.

Puff the Magic Dragon’s Playground

Puff the Magic Dragon

Alex Beard’s Tales from the Watering Hole

Tales from the Watering Hole

A New Home for Charlie

A New Home for Charlie

Prancing, Dancing Lily

Prancing, Dancing Lily

Treasure Kai and the Seven Cities of Gold

Treasure Kai Seven Cities

Published Magazine Articles (2012)

In January of 2012, I wrote an article that was published in .net Magazine issue 223 titled Build a game for iOS and Android with Corona. In May of that same year, Game Coder Magazine published my article, The Next Level.

.net Magazine issue 223 and Game Coder Magazine 05/2012

Chronicle Books (2011)

I was contracted by Chronicle Books in 2011 as the sole developer for Animal Show, a children’s app that shipped for the iPad and Nook Color.

Animal Show

Barnes & Noble (2011)

I was contracted by Ansca, Inc. in 2011 to create a demo for Barnes & Noble for their then-upcoming Nook Color tablet.

Nook Color Demo

Beebe Games (2010—2011)

My wife and I shipped five iOS games in 2010 as Beebe Games. She handled the graphics design and I did all the programming.

Cavern Drake (iOS)

Cavern Drake

Ugly Bugs (iOS)

Upon launch, Ugly Bugs made it to New & Noteworthy in the App Store.

Ugly Bugs

Dungeon Tap (iOS)

Dungeon Tap

Dragon’s Keep (iOS)

Dragon's Keep

Tilt Monster (iOS)

Briefly reached the Top 25 in the iOS App Store in 2010.

Tilt Monster

This is my first web-app that I launched in 2007. I was the sole developer and the app was powered by PHP and backed by a MySQL database. I am no longer associated with the website.