Jonathan Beebe's Résumé

I’m a full-stack JavaScript developer from Northern California. I have extensive experience building web, desktop, and mobile apps as well as open source libraries and frameworks. I work well on a team (and on my own), and have 10+ years experience working full-time remote as an employee and as a contractor.

For a more visual presentation of my work-related history, view my portfolio.


Mobile: I’ve shipped fifteen mobile apps for iOS and Android, including some for high profile companies such as Samsung and Playdom (a Disney Interactive subsidiary), as well as my own personal projects.

Front-end: I’ve built projects using Backbone/Marionette, React.js, jQuery, and developed an application framework used internally at Fingerprint. I also have JavaScript experience outside of the browser: a cross-platform game engine at Lanica, an in-house cross-platform rendering engine at Fingerprint, and React Native.

Back-end: I’ve built projects with PHP + MySQL and Node JS using Express and MongoDB.

Scripting: I’ve built command-line utilities and open-source libraries in JavaScript (Node JS) and Lua. I have some experience with Python 3, but not extensive.

Version control: I’ve used git and Mercurial extensively, and can confidently learn other systems if necessary. I tend to use git for personal and open-source projects because it’s more widely used, but I prefer Mercurial.

Writing: Apart from documentation, I’ve published a large amount of online tutorials (over 50 while working at Ansca, and several on my own website), have had articles published in .net Magazine and Game Coder Magazine, and have been writing on my own website ( since 2010.

More: HTML/CSS, Vue.js, Electron, Phaser JS, Lua, Corona SDK, Web Design, and Mobile App Design.


2014—present: Software Engineer, Fingerprint Digital, Inc.

  • Developed Lithium, the JavaScript application framework that powers Fingerprint’s most important products. Switching to Lithium resulted in much improved performance and increased stability for the company’s flagship products.

  • Served as the lead front-end engineer on Samsung Kids, a parent-controlled children’s app platform that shipped as the default Android launcher for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Lite children’s tablet. This product was built using the Lithium framework I had developed.

  • Served as the lead front-end engineer on Fingerprint’s own children’s app platform, which was also built using the Lithium framework I had developed. This product was used to demonstrate Fingerprint’s services to potential partners.

  • Served as a front-end engineer on the Cricket Media children’s app platform. I ported the existing jQuery-based app to Backbone.Marionette, which resulted in much easier ongoing maintenance for the project going forward.

2012—2014: Contract Software Engineer, Lanica, Fat Red Couch

  • Worked as a lead engineer on Gardens of Time (Android), a game that was developed at Lanica for Playdom (a Disney Interactive subsidiary). The project used Lanica’s own cross-platform JavaScript mobile game SDK. I was responsible for implementing the user interface, level loading, and hidden objects gameplay.

  • Developed a Node JS web app called Scenery for internal use on the Gardens of Time project while contracting for Lanica. This tool allowed our team to construct game scenes using JSON and instantly preview them in a browser window. The front-end was created using jQuery/Bootstrap and an HTML5 game engine for scene rendering. This tool decreased project costs by drastically reducing development time for the Disney/Playdom Gardens of Time project.

  • Developed a fast, light-weight utility using Node JS called TiLauncher that enabled users to make project builds for Titanium SDK and Platino game projects and easily monitor console output (Lanica).

  • Wrote sample code and demo games for the Platino SDK using JavaScript, to include a ChipmunkJS physics platformer and Match-3 game demos (Lanica).

  • Created Lanica’s public-facing documentation website using JSDuck software, and also wrote the “Getting Started” material for Lanica’s flagship product (Platino SDK).

  • Worked as the lead engineer on five cross-platform mobile products while contracting at Fat Red Couch, Inc. (using primarily Lua and JavaScript): Treasure Kai 2, Prancing Dancing Lily, Tales from the Watering Hole, Charlie the Chocolate Chihuahua, and Puff the Magic Dragon’s Playground.

2010—2012: Software Engineer, Corona Labs (formerly: Ansca)

  • Lead engineer on Corona Levels, a level editor for Ansca’s flagship product, Corona SDK.

  • Created Corona Labs’ public-facing documentation website (, which was powered by a custom, static website generator I built from the ground up using Node JS. It resulted in better performance for end-users and easier maintenance for employees than the company’s prior Drupal-based system. Years after I left the company, the Node JS tool was still being used by the company for its public documentation.

  • Designed, developed, and shipped the Corona SDK storyboard and widget libraries, the product’s official solutions for scene management and user-interface elements.

  • Barnes & Noble had contracted Ansca to create a demo for their then-upcoming Nook Color device, and I was tasked to create the puzzle game demo, which was positively received by the client.

  • Created an open-source Angry Birds clone using Box2D physics called Ghosts vs. Monsters and another open-source game called Martian Control, which was a clone of another popular hit. These demos helped to improve the sales of the Corona SDK as it showed users it was possible to create high-quality hit games using the company’s flagship product.

  • Published more than fifty full-length tutorials about Lua and the Corona SDK on the official Corona Labs website. These tutorials were highly acclaimed by the company’s customers. I was chosen to write tutorials on a weekly basis due to my ability to clearly communicate complex development topics to an audience with a wide range of abilities (from beginners to experts).

  • I had a full-length, four-page article published in .net Magazine issue 223 titled Build a game for iOS and Android with Corona which brought more positive attention to the company and its flagship product.

2010: Contract Software Engineer, Chronicle Books

  • Completed a short-term project: developed and shipped a children’s interactive storybook app, Animal Show (iPad and Nook Color) for the San Francisco-based book publisher.

2009—2010: Game Developer, Beebe Games

  • Shipped five high-quality games to the iOS app store: Tilt Monster, Dragon’s Keep, Dungeon Tap, Ugly Bugs, and Cavern Drake.

  • Tilt Monster briefly reached the App Store’s Top 25 Free Games in 2010.

  • Upon launch, Ugly Bugs made it to the New & Noteworthy list in the App Store.

2008—2009: Target Warehouse, Woodland CA

  • Worked twelve-hour shifts in a fast-paced, physically demanding environment.

  • Achieved target numbers on a daily basis which required working fast while maintaining a high standard of quality.

  • Completed Forklift and Mobile Elevated Work Platform certification.

2007: Web Developer,

  • As a side-project, I launched with two other people who handled the marketing and graphics design. I was the sole web developer and used PHP + MySQL to create an online WYSIWYG website creation tool.

  • I completed development on the app, shipped it, and after launch, handled regular updates and customer support.

2004—2008: Security Forces (3P051), United States Air Force

  • Received an honorable discharge after serving four years on active duty.

  • Gained valuable experience that can be applied to all fields, including (but not limited to): teamwork, leadership, discipline, deep understanding of organizational structure, respect for self and others, and the importance of accomplishing tasks quickly while maintaining a high standard of quality.

  • Individual military service achievements include:

    • Iraqi Campaign Medal (for two tours to Iraq; 2005 and 2006).
    • Combat Action Medal for service performed in Baghdad, Iraq (2006).
    • Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal (for serving during wartime).
    • Two Achievement Medals for outstanding service.
    • Served as a team leader in the Moody Air Force Base Honor Guard.
    • Reached the rank of Senior Airman (E-4).

2003—2004: Utility Clerk, Food4Less (Grocery Store)

  • Maintained high standards of customer service during high-volume, fast-paced operations.

2001—2002: Cashier, McDonald’s

  • First official job after turning 16.

  • Handled currency and credit card transactions quickly and accurately.

  • Followed procedures for safe food handling.