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Just finished reading Ruby Ridge by Jess Walter and added it to the Reading List. It’s a pretty long book, but very interesting so it’s easy to get through.

I didn’t know anything about this tragic event from the early 90s, and now I feel well informed about the entire thing (including the subsequent trial and aftermath). Recommended.


Text content for shared links is now shown on the home page, indented (with an arrow). The commentary I was adding to links wasn’t discoverable, so this brings it to the forefront. I also added some newsletter callouts to article pages (and switched my newsletter provider to Beehiv).

Overall I’m realy happy with the way the site and its design is evolving.


Some website improvements:

I added support for (small) post images on full article/blog entries. I went back and added images to some of the posts, but there’s a few more I need to backfill. I also made “Note” entries (like this) more visually distinct from other types of posts.


It’s finally Friday — this week took forever! I got a replacement standing desk that’s been sitting (heheh) there since Tuesday, waiting for me to assemble it. I’m hoping to have some time to put that together tonight.


Added a new “Note” post type to the site.

These posts only appear on the homepage and on the All Notes page. They don’t have a title and are meant for short updates (like this), ephemera, and anything else that isn’t classified as a full post or shared link.